How hot is this quote card, I ask you? Julie, my lovely publicist at Forever Romance, created 4 smoking hot quote cards that will run every Friday in December, or “Freaky Friday” as Team #4Ever calls it (with thanks to Marissa as well!). This is the first one. Have a fire extinguisher handy!

My first reading at Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC!

I had my first reading at Lady Jane’s Salon on August 4. The readings are held the first Monday of every month at Madame X Lounge on Houston Street in the Village. I had a total BLAST! I read the butcher shop scene from BREATHLESS FOR HIM when Davison comes to get Allegra back, and […]

Hello world! Sofia speaking…

Well, hello there, world! This is my very first blog post. And I have no idea what to say. Maybe I should start with the basics since there’s probably a reason you’re reading this. My name is Sofia Tate. I write contemporary erotic romance. AND I LOVE IT!!! My debut novel, BREATHLESS FOR HIM, will […]