How hot is this quote card, I ask you? Julie, my lovely publicist at Forever Romance, created 4 smoking hot quote cards that will run every Friday in December, or “Freaky Friday” as Team #4Ever calls it (with thanks to Marissa as well!). This is the first one. Have a fire extinguisher handy!

Reading naughty words in public is FUN!

Deep down, in many ways, I’m still the shy, quiet Catholic schoolgirl from the NJ suburbs who never misbehaves. But when it comes to my writing, all bets are off because I love using naughty words. I was so honored to be invited to read on October 3¬†on the Lower East Side at Between the […]

My first reading at Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC!

I had my first reading at Lady Jane’s Salon on August 4. The readings are held the first Monday of every month at Madame X Lounge on Houston Street in the Village. I had a total BLAST! I read the butcher shop scene from BREATHLESS FOR HIM when Davison comes to get Allegra back, and […]