Danish Pastry, Delicious Cake that Perfect for Your Snack Time

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People love  to enjoy their quality moment with family. Enjoying good times with good food will be perfect for us. Especially in special moments like eid al-fitr, christmas, and easter. There are many types of food that you can serve at a special time. One of them is traditional Danish food that has a delicious taste.

4 Types of Danish Pastry

Snacks are an important type of food that you should prepare when you have a quality time with family. Danish pastry will be a perfect choice because it’s delicious and your whole family will surely love it. Here are 5 types of Danish pastry that you can enjoy on special days.

1. Frosnapper

First traditional Danish food that you can enjoy with your family is frosnapper. This pastry has a long shape and is very soft. You will find sesame and other types of nuts as a topping for frosnapper.

2. Spandauer

This kind of Danish pastry has a soft texture on the inside. But you will love the  crunchy texture on the outside. Spandauer is known as the bestseller pastry in Denmark. You can also add custard cream or caramel to make it more delicious.

3. Direktorsnegl

This is a type of pastry that is usually served for breakfast. Direktorsnegl has a very cute shape because it looks like a snail. It’s crunchy and has a huge size. People usually use this pastry as a parcel for family and friends.

4. Kanelstang

The delicious snack from Denmark that you can also try is Kanelstang. This pastry has a very soft texture and chocolate as the topping. If you don’t like it, you can replace it with other ingredients like cheese cream. It’s not only good to be enjoyed as a snack but also perfect to be eaten after you finish the main menu.

Which type of traditional Danish food do you love the most? You can also make them at home to be served on special moments. Make sure all of the family members love the menu so they can enjoy the food happily.

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